Abbvie/Apple (Epic/Fortnight)/Cardinal health Etc – STOCK NEWS EP6 / £2000 Portfolio Update

Published on May 8, 2021

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Hey everyone

hope the week is going well, today I wanted to go over some articles I have found including Abbvie and Evolus news, an update on the Apple and Fortnight lawsuit, we touch briefly on Barclays who among another baking and investment companies in the UK have now started their dividends and stock buy backs and ending with a section on Cardinal health’s recent filing and their $1Billion tax reclaim. We end the video with the normal portfolio update where I touch on all the changes in my dividend portfolio.

keep up to date with these weekly stock news update every week on Tuesday, I have added the links below and included some other interesting stories that you may want to check out.

Barclays restores dividends, but I reckon these are 2 of the best stocks to buy now—p&o-cruises-australia-extends-cruising-pause-9825249

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Emn Stock Forecast, Abbvie/Apple (Epic/Fortnight)/Cardinal health Etc – STOCK NEWS EP6 / £2000 Portfolio Update.

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Abbvie/Apple (Epic/Fortnight)/Cardinal health Etc – STOCK NEWS EP6 / £2000 Portfolio Update, Enjoy interesting explained videos relevant with Emn Stock Forecast.

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