CVS Stock (2020 Q4 Earnings) \ 2021 Guidance \ Stock Prediction and Analysis

Published on March 1, 2021

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CVS Health Corporation Stock just came out with their Q4 2020 earnings and provided 2021 earnings guidance.

CVS stock dropped 5% after earnings. Was the CVS stock drop justified? In my opinion, I don’t thin so. CVS beat earnings expectations by 5% and they have consistently beat earnings over the past 4 quarters. Numbers were well within line of expectations. However, this is leaving many investors to ask, is CVS health stock a buy?

I own CVS stock in my portfolio along with Walgreens (ticker WBA). Both of these companies are 50% of the pharmaceutical business of the market. CVS and Walgreens will be a big part of the vaccine rollout in 2021 which will bring more customers to their stores.

CVS served more than 100 million customers in 2020 and generated $16B in free cash for the year. Total EPS for the year was 7.5. The rollout of of the 2021 vaccines will drive revenue growth and CVS pharmacy stock is a buy now. CVS earnings and stock review is important for all high growth company as well as value companies.

CVS is very undervalued in my opinion especially when I calculate their discounted free cash flow stock price. CVS stock price is $70 but I believe it is worth around $100 for the CVS intrinsic value using the discounted cash flow method.

CVS stock brings a lot of diversity to my portfolio and should be a stable company over the next several years. Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) and CVS are well positioned going into 2021 and it is important to keep an eye on their stock valuation for financial education.

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Is Cvs Stock Going Down

Is Cvs Stock Going Down, CVS Stock (2020 Q4 Earnings) \ 2021 Guidance \ Stock Prediction and Analysis.

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