Missing Boy Found Alive After 2 Years | Good Morning America | ABC News

Published on June 24, 2021

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The 6-year-old’s mother and grandmother are charged in the abduction.
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The grandmother of a 6-year-old boy who was found huddled in a hiding space along with his mother faced new charges today in the alleged abduction, just hours after she said she did nothing wrong in helping to hide her family and keep the little boy safe.

While police have said Diane Dobbs’ house was full of hidden nooks and secret rooms where Richard “Ricky” Chekevdia was hidden from the world, Dobbs told “Good Morning America” that “in two years time, [the boy spent] maybe five minutes” in the crawl space.

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It’s a harsh reality, but kidnapping and abduction cases are steadily becoming more apparent in the new digital world. Whether kidnap or abduction is committed by family members or complete strangers, children and adults alike are going missing. ABC News covers high profile abductions involving parental kidnapping, missing college students, international abduction of US citizens, attempted kidnappings caught on tape, and more. Follow ABC News for the latest reports and updates from recovered kidnapped victims and the kidnapper and abduction trials that have captivated the world.

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What Space Story Made Headlines In 2006

What Space Story Made Headlines In 2006, Missing Boy Found Alive After 2 Years | Good Morning America | ABC News.

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