SPCE Stock Update!! Buy or sell? My Quick Virgin Galactic Review.

Published on July 31, 2021

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My quick take or review on SPCE or Virgin Galactic Stock.

What’s going guys, but I guess the more appropriate questions is what is going on with Virgin Galactic.

All eyes were back on the company this past week when it was announced the rescheduled test flight window was open and a potential flight could happen this past Saturday.

Once this was announced, the stock surged up and flirted with the 60-dollar price range.

Everyone was excited and we were ready to see this flight bring us some good news. I’ll be honest we just wanted to see out portfolio increase.

However, Virgin Galactic came out before it all happened and stated they were going to delay the flight again, to do some more technical checks.

The stock as expected had a negative reaction and it dropped back down to around 54 dollars afterwards.

And to add it the price drop, ARK Investments trimmed down some of its SPCE holdings as well.

This week when the market opened SPCE dropped even more down to 50 dollars a share, around a 10 dollars drop.

Of course, this stock is highly volatile right now, but hear me out on this.
Even though there are analyst saying this isn’t going well, and virgin is a long way off from be successful.

At the same time, other analyst is saying the sky is the limit for the company. Remember Morgan Stanley is projecting the global space industry to bring in revenues around 1 trillion each year by 2040.

For me and this is just me, I playing the long game on this. Yes, there will be set backs and I want the stock to just explode and make me richer, but I and everyone else needs to have patience in the meantime.

I would rather the flight be delayed 10 times and then be successful and they move on to the next phase then they rush the flight and it gets aborted again.

So as for me, I’m not panicking and selling off. I know this is a rocky ride, but if anything, now may be a good time to keep adding those shares while its low.

Let me know in the comment section if you holding or selling, and if you still like Virgin hit that like button for us.

That’s its guys, stay safe and I’ll see you on the next one, hopefully after Virgin flies again.

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Spce Stock News

Spce Stock News, SPCE Stock Update!! Buy or sell? My Quick Virgin Galactic Review..

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