SPCE STOCK – Why Virgin Galactic Is Just Getting Started! (Space Tourism and Hypersonic Travels)

Published on June 27, 2021

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Why could you become rich by investing in SPC (Virgin Galactic?) This is exactly what we will see in this video so you better watch it!

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00:00 – Intro
00:52 – Who are they
02:17 – Their Space Project
05:13 – Hypersonic Travel
07:42 – Is Virgin Galactic Worth Your Money?

Alright we all know the virgin group and how they have a tendency to launch 57 different companies for every industry, Virgin Galactic is not an exception. Founded in 2004 by the one and only Richard Branson.
Their goal is to democratize space by developing a commercial spacecraft to make space tourism the next big thing.
For that purpose, they have built the world’s first commercial spaceport in New Mexico, not a lot of customers at the moment but it is set to be a very big platform for the future.

The first vehicle they developed is the WhiteKnightTwo, it is basically two airplanes glued together, why would you do that you may ask? Because with that thing they have the power required to carry some heavy shits into space like satellites or spacecraft.
Talking about spacecraft, comes the SpaceShipTwo, their own reusable* spacecraft that has the capacity to change it form to improve the stability and for a lot of complicated reasons that you can go check on their website (you even have a 3d mockup!)

Their second project is hypersonic travelling and they are about to partnership with RR for that. Their goal is to produce airplanes that could reach at least Mach 3 and hope to get to Mach 5 which is … Very fast

I do believe that Virgin Galactic has a very big potential for growth in the future, and I think I am not the only one that has this idea, Ark invest with Cathie t is massively buying their shares and will soon have the company in their brand new space dlc (etf) coming out in the next couple of weeks/months. If we take a look at their vision, it is easy to see that their idea is the future and we could have a real airport for spacecraft sooner than we think. For now we don’t have many places to visit but soon maybe Mars will be added to the list with our God Elon Musk.

For the one looking for the “next gme” SPCE is also very shorted.

Their vision is really exciting and if you are ready invest in them you got to be ready to have a bumpy ride because it will have a lot of up and downs (just look at what the delay of the last test did) but if you have diamonds hands or just buy the stock and forget your password you could POTENTIALLY make big gainzzzzz

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Who Is Shorting Spce Stock

Who Is Shorting Spce Stock, SPCE STOCK – Why Virgin Galactic Is Just Getting Started! (Space Tourism and Hypersonic Travels).

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SPCE STOCK – Why Virgin Galactic Is Just Getting Started! (Space Tourism and Hypersonic Travels), Search new replays about Who Is Shorting Spce Stock.

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