SPCE Stock: Why Virgin Galactic was UP Today…

Published on October 24, 2021

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SPCE Stock: Why Virgin Galactic was UP Today…

In today’s video, I explain why Virgin Galactic stock was up 7% today. SPCE soared 7% yesterday after news that short seller Jim Cranos told investors to “go long” on space companies. He later said he was “joking” and then the stock dipped 4% and ended the day up 0.97% Tuesday.

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Disclaimer: This video is an expression of my opinions. I’m not a financial advisor and the content in this video is meant for educational purposes. Always do your due diligence when considering investment options.

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Why Did Spce Stock Go Up Today

Why Did Spce Stock Go Up Today, SPCE Stock: Why Virgin Galactic was UP Today….

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SPCE Stock: Why Virgin Galactic was UP Today…, Play more replays about Why Did Spce Stock Go Up Today.

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