Stock Market Projections For Tomorrow! CCIV Stock

Published on October 18, 2021

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What’s up guys! Welcome back to the Stocks With Mike & Tom Show! In this episode, we go over our stock market projections for tomorrow and CCIV stock. The stock market is still around highs as Bitcoin and CCIV stock pop. CCIV stock is dealing a SPAC deal with Lucid Motors as their stocks have been exploding over the news. The past few months have shown how popular SPAC deals are with the market and Lucid Motors is no joke in the EV sector. Other EV stocks like LI, TSLA, NIO, and more have done exceptionally well since coming onto the market the past few years. Bitcoin hit over $50,000 per coin setting a new record in crypto. People love Bitcoin and we definitely see why, the way Bitcoin rises is insane, just be careful of another pullback like we saw last time. Hopefully, we can stay above $50,000 but some people are doubtful. There is a black swan event lurking in the markets right now as the Biden administration could retaliate to rocket attacks in Iraq that injured a U.S. service member. This is crazy news and could bring some serious volatility into the markets like anything with war does. It would also rock the oil sector, just stay vigilant over the next few days with this type of news. If you have any questions leave them in the comments down below to be featured in a video. If you are new here make sure you subscribe to get daily market updates. Thanks for watching!

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Will Stock Go Up Tomorrow

Will Stock Go Up Tomorrow, Stock Market Projections For Tomorrow! CCIV Stock.

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Stock Market Projections For Tomorrow! CCIV Stock, Find popular updated videos relevant with Will Stock Go Up Tomorrow.

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