TESLA will Go UP because of THIS || Tesla Stock Prediction

Published on August 29, 2021

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From the very beginning, Tesla’s mission has been to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy. And to achieved this, Tesla has been developing more than just efficient electric cars, it has been advancing the entire industry with it’s ability to peruse achieve technological breakthroughs for our future needs.

We are all familiar with the car and software services of tesla as they are the most developed to date. And many of us know Ark invest projects this side of Tesla to be the single most important catalyst for tesla’s future . But tesla is also making huge progress on the Battery supply and stationary power. And with advancements of the Full Sell driving Beta testing paired up with Billions of miles collected putting tesla ahead of the competition, robotaxi (or ride hailing services) is something tesla can realistically achieve. Although not a lot of news have been reported on tesla Insurance, it is already a powerful side of tesla that should not be ignored.

In this video, I’m going to be breaking down an article from Barron’s that just came out today March 1st talking about Morgan Stanley’s outlook for Tesla and how it will disrupt the Auto business. It will provide a breakdown of information on some key points regarding Tesla’s multiple businesses such as Tesla insurance, Software, Battery supply, and some massive news about Tesla’s future business! as Tesla stock could very well blow up because of that.

Also, the new Biden administration will be supporting the transition to renewable energy, which will be in favor to Tesla! in addition, Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya, said Tesla could double or Triple all because Tesla and Elon Musk focus on renewable energy and transportation. And aside from leading the the electric vehicle industry in demand and now production of EVs, other legacy automakers would not be as serious with their EV plans if it weren’t for Tesla, and Tesla’s only mission is to accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Tesla stock has been going crazy this year, beating record after record and in my opinion this also makes Tesla one of the best stocks to buy now.

On Tesla’s earnings call, they gave a 50% guidance on sales going forward. and expect to achieve 50 percent average annual growth in vehicle deliveries. Tesla also expects faster delivery growth than that for 2021, with two new factories expected to be fully operational this year. The Model S and X also got an updated version with the model s having a new steering wheel in the style of a Yoke!

Although in the call we heard Elon Musk say that the Full Self Driving software will not be transferable from one vehicle to the next, we did hear the full self driving option will be marketed as a subscription service very soon. Which means that the customer will not have to pay the heavy price of 10K, but they can instead pay monthly. And another thing that I was looking for was them reporting positive free cash flow for 2020, and they did… they reported 2.79 billion dollars of free cash flow, more than double its 2019 figure of 1.08 billion. Not only that, but we also expect Tesla said that it would also begin producing the model Y in Gigafactory Texas and Germany.

Now, after the release of Tesla’s Q4 earnings report, we need to remember that Tesla is a lot more than just a car company and Investors like Cathie wood and Tasha Keeney from Ark Invest have always stated the long term focus that Tesla should be given, as they have a lot of things coming in the future such as the 25K dollar vehicle and also autonomous ride hailing services, which could make billions of dollars for Tesla.

So when you have Investors like Cathie wood, Tasha Keeney, then you know that Tesla’s valuable can be easily credited and will soon be justified in the long term.

You see, Tesla has proven themselves time and time again and if you’re asking yourself if its too late to buy now, then keep in mind that people have been asking themselves that same question since 2013 and according to Cathie wood, Tesla still has a lot more growth to do in the industry.
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TESLA Will TRIPLE After THIS! – (TSLA Stock Price Target)

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Will Stock Go Up, TESLA will Go UP because of THIS || Tesla Stock Prediction.

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