Top 3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks to BUY NOW in September 2020

Published on June 25, 2021

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The Lead: Count down the top 3 dividend stocks ON SALE in September 2020. Here is the breakdown of these undervalued stocks that value investors are going to love.

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The TOP 3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks To Buy Now | September 2020
Broken down by:
1) Why the stock is undervalued. What is weighing it down.
2) My bull thesis as to why this stock is a great opportunity starting in September 2020.

3) AbbVie ($ABBV)

However the knocks on Abbvie are two fold. The company is losing patent exclusivity on their premier drug Humera. Humera sales are going to be worth about 40% of the companies estimated revenue in 2020.They also have a taken on a ton of debt with their acquisition of Allergan.

Why Abbvie is a great buying opportunity in September.
They have seen positive revenue growth every year since 2015 growing from about $23B in 2015 to $33B by 2019.

Abbvie is big as well. They have a market of $166B with the acquisition of Allergan, which is critical in the pharmacy world where it’s about getting more drugs and investments into the pipeline so that when one pays off it can pay you for years.

Abbvie is also working on replacing a portion of Humera’s lost revenue with two new drugs in the early life stage. These new drugs will cover all 10 conditions Humera is approved for… which will help them recoup an estimated $10B of sales by 2025. Analystts estimate that Abbvie is estimated to grow its earnings at an 8% clip over the next 5 years (screen shot)

Dividend: Abbvie Stock pays a very nice dividend. Has been growing a dividend since 2013. Over the past 5 years Abbvie Stock has grown its dividend at a compound annual growth rate of 20%.

Intel – ($INTC)

Why the Stock is Undervalued.
The big takeaway that caused the stock to tumble down on July 24, 2020 was the announcement of a “defect mode” found in its 7nm (nanometer) process which results in yield degradation. This will force the production of its 7nm process to fall behind about a six months behind the company’s initial target.

This timing advantage could put AMD about a year’s worth of technological advantage in desktop and server CPU markets.

Intel continues to grow revenue despite frustrations piling up with the company. Revenues have nearly doubled to $21B over their 2015 levels. They convert this revenue into net income by keeping expenses low. Intel’s net income has skyrocketed since 2018.

Price to Earnings Ratio
Intel: 9.28
AMD: 166.31

Intel also pays a 2.62% dividend yield which looks to be sustainable for the company with only a 24% payout ratio.

Intel is rated as a very strong company across the board in Valuation, Quality, Growth Stability and Financial health by Fidelity.

CVS Health Corp. – Health Care

Why the Stock is Undervalued:

CVS fits into the general brick and mortar retail category. The stock has gotten beaten down with a reduction in consumer spending and CVS was not immune to that. Amazon is a threat to some of CVS’s business.

Additionally, CVS has taken on increasing debt load from their acquisition of Atena the health insurance network.. The company has seen increasing total liabilities primarily coming from long term debt.

Why CVS Health Care is a great stock opportunity:

CVS acquired Aetna, a health insurance network in 2019. Aetna is expected to perform well going into the future. Aetna’s sales have improved already in 2020 compared year over year to where they were last year at this point.

For Q2 2020, Revenue has also grown recently with CVS reporting 3% year over year gain.
CVS is expecting results to improve too. They have raised their 2020 year end earnings guidance.

CVS is just too cheap. Its P/E ratio is under 9. Compare that to Rite Aid which has a P/E of 36 and that is just a crazy low valuation.

Additionally, the company has paid a dividend since 1996 every single quarter. At 3.16% this could be a nice little bump to your portfolio.

🚩Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. These videos are entertainment purposes only. Any stocks discussed on the video are not to be considered “investment recommendations”. Unless investments are FDIC insured, they may decline in value and/or disappear entirely. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make.


Is Cvs Stock Undervalued

Is Cvs Stock Undervalued, Top 3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks to BUY NOW in September 2020.

Cent Stock Investing: 4 Basic Rules

Cent stocks are not traded in the standard method. Cent Stocks Psychic has an analyzed system, with over three years of analysis, at its heart. That’s the question that everybody would like to know.

Top 3 Undervalued Dividend Stocks to BUY NOW in September 2020, Play trending full videos relevant with Is Cvs Stock Undervalued.

A List Of Cent Stocks

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Something I do extremely often is trend research. When I look at the stock rate history of a stock and attempt to discover patterns in it over the past year or 2, this is. This works very well and I have actually been doing it for several years. When to buy and when to offer, this information permits you to know precisely. many financiers examine this however it can tell you the Best Penny Stocks to purchase extremely quickly.

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By contrast, many cent stocks will not move even 25 cents all the time, and probably not even all week. Trading Penny Stocks Trading stocks beneficially includes trying to capture all of an extremely little move. Trading routine stocks indicates catching a small part of a large relocation.

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