WBA vs CVS – Walgreens Boot Alliance vs CVS Health Stock review

Published on October 14, 2021

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WBA (Walgreens Boot Alliance) and CVS (CVS Health) are two of the most popular Pharmaceutical dividend stocks around and the two largest pharmacy chains in the USA.

Walgreens Stock (Ticker WBA) is a popular dividend growth stock and has paid increasing dividends for 43 years making it a dividend aristocrat. Whilst CVS Stock (Ticker CVS) has kept its dividend the same since 2017.

In this video I compare WBA and CVS on a number of metrics in a head to head so you can see how they compare to each other and at the end of the video I give my opinions and let you know if I will be investing in either of these dividend stocks.

Coke Vs Pepsi – https://youtu.be/tJUxXLbCTEw


00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – disclaimer
01:17 – What do WBA & CVS do? Business model reviewed.
08:20 – Round 1 Results
08:57 – WBA 1 year share price chart review
09:35 – CVS 1 year share price chart review
10:09 – Round 2 results
10:53 – WBA Income Statement review
11:58 – CVS Income Statement review
13:21 – Round 3 results
13:44 – WBA Dividend Safety Reviewed
15:44 – CVS Dividend Safety Reviewed
17:02 – Round 4 results
17:11 – Assets vs Liabilities
18:05 – Round 5 results
18:25 – WBA Balance Sheet Review
20:40 – CVS Balance Sheet Review
22:30 – Round 6 results
22:43 – WBA Dividend overview
23:38 – CVS Dividend overview
24:20 – Round 7 results
25:16 – WBA Analysts 12 month share price forecast
25:50 – CVS Analysts 12 month share price forecast
26:17 – Final Round Results
26:27 – Andys Thoughts on investing in CVS and WBA


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DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a Financial Adviser and do NOT offer Financial Advice. I create these videos for education and entertainment purposes.

Wishing you Money Success!

Does Cvs Stock Pay A Dividend

Does Cvs Stock Pay A Dividend, WBA vs CVS – Walgreens Boot Alliance vs CVS Health Stock review.

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WBA vs CVS – Walgreens Boot Alliance vs CVS Health Stock review, Enjoy top explained videos relevant with Does Cvs Stock Pay A Dividend.

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