Why Virgin Galactic Stock Will Keep Going Up | Spce Stock Weekly News

Published on April 2, 2021

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In this video, I will be discussing why Virgin Galactic Stock will keep going up in our SPCE stock weekly news!

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0:02:28 – Safety
0:03:50 – Business Model
0:04:55 – Is Virgin Galactic Stock a Buy?

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So we have finally gotten some news From Virgin Galactic! By the way, if you enjoy these weekly SPCE stock news videos, do let me know because according to my analytics it seems like you guys actually enjoy watching these and I enjoy making them!!

There have been some great news released by the Virgin Galactic Team..

Virgin Galactic just stated “that they will be providing more specific updates on targeted launch windows as we get closer to them”

Another tweet said that “ the Virgin Galactic space flight will be crewed by two pilots and carry three NASA research payloads to space in the cabin”

So In this video, I wanted to go into detail about what the article means in regards to their flights, When I think the flight will happen and Virgin galactic’s new source of revenue, which will explain why Virgin Galactic Stock will keep going up!

Now, this Article, in my opinion, is a huge deal, because now we know that they are not going to just be making profits from Space Tourism and Hypersonic flights, they are actually going to be expanding and are already expanding their business model….

The article goes into a lot of detail, but I wanted to touch the main points here. Of them is that the launch window of October 22nd is still in their timeframe, but does not mean that they will launch that day, it could a few days after that or even a few weeks. But the main thing here is that they are keeping safety a PRIORITY!

Another thing that I wanted to touch base is that there will be a lot of catalysts for this stock in the new couple of months, which will bring the stock price up as a results. So we can expect the FAA approval and a scheduled flight for Richard Branson for him to fly in Q1 of 2021.

I believe there will be a lot of things that will bring the stock price up. But the goal here is to think long term and have patience as a Virgin Galactic Investor.

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Why Did Spce Stock Go Up

Why Did Spce Stock Go Up, Why Virgin Galactic Stock Will Keep Going Up | Spce Stock Weekly News.

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Why Virgin Galactic Stock Will Keep Going Up | Spce Stock Weekly News, Get popular explained videos relevant with Why Did Spce Stock Go Up.

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